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  1. Indianapolis Rowing Center at Eagle Creek Park see RAWHMBTV.16941 #RAWHMBTV.18055 Exp 09-02
Fund raising presentation - renewals automatic
Unlimited categories
Automated system, expiration #10, renewal
Publicity - local television station with emphasis on high school sports
Invitation to events, park entry fee listed, company picnic, school athletic outings
Halloween, costumes and party (volunteer work day, too)

Paradise at 96th and Meridian

    WHMB – TV 40 Indianapolis 317/844-8189
        Noblesville IN 46060
            Website:  whmbtv.com
            Contact:  Don Nixon, Proofreader, Editor & Publisher   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
Butler #RAWHMBTV.18016 Exp 08-24
Kia Sedona 2008 purchased new from Butler Kia
wife died in 2010, gifted above to middle daughter

determined like Sedona better than Nissan so purchased
Kia Sedona 2006 used from Butler Kia 2011

determined wanted better gas mileage so purchased
Kia Spectra 2006 used from Butler Kia 2013

totaled when hit a deer so purchased
Saturn Ion 2008 used from Butler Kia 2015

didn't like Ion so purchased
Toyota Avalon 2005 used from Butler Kia 2015

Suspect my demographic wouldn't classify me as a good potential customer, but this many vehicles over 5 years might change a good sales manager's mind

Peters is first contact from customer contact program
Peters now is contact name for service and Kellie Drake first mentioned
New contact name from auto customer contact program
follow up again from Peters

Mitchell Bishop was the sale person when I bought the Spectra so I made it a point to talk to him when replacing it after the deer episode

When I decided I didn't like the Spectra (was sold as is and had trouble with cruise control) next visit to look for a replacement
by this time I had purchased the Saturn Ion from Mitchell and he knew the Spectra had been totaled in the deer accident so it wasn't available for sale or service
I'm not sure if Kia shares customer information with other dealers but I began getting solicitations from Skillman
Promotional material now again from Peters and credibility of personal contact is in jeopardy
which might have been restored a bit if it also mentioned Mitchell
Welcome would indicate they thought I was a first time customer
Now Kellie is requesting information about my original purchase again.
and Mitchell is trying to get me to bring back fro service

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            Contact:  Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
  Classified advertising - how to find your listing #RAWHMBTV.16941 Exp 07-31
Price:  $9.95 / month guaranteed renewal rate introductory special

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10 minutes/account = 6/hour or about 50/day
20 days/month - 1,000 a/c's
If you are having any trouble, or have any questions, please call us to help.

    EZ Classified Advertizing™ 317/844-8189
        160 W Carmel Dr, Carmel IN 46032
            Website:  www.radioad.org/whmbtv
            Contact:  Don Nixon   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
Eye witness - a dilemma #RAWHMBTV.19139 Exp 11-15

EZ Classified Advertising™ link on your home page #RAWHMBTV.11241 Exp 11-07

Under these headings you have these drop down menues:

Ministry - Need a Bible, Prayer Request, Church Directory
Community - Events calendar, Add an event
Programming - Central Indiana Ministries, National, Family, Original, Find us on tv
Sports - Schedules, Video Highlights, Video Archives
Promotions - Contest page
About Us - History, Contact Us, Production, Sales, Staff, Directions, Need to advertise

Suggest you add "EZ Classified Advertising™" as an additional drop down menu under Community or Promotions or both. The button at the bottom can rotate with the others but there will always be a way to get to the link.

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Flat fee classified advertising - let me tell you how and why #RAWHMBTV.15181 Exp 08-10

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Most often you will know the ad id# and use it to find the account.

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    EZ Classified Advertising™, (free or flat fee classified advertising listings) a Nixon Newspapers affiliate 317/439 0713
        Greenfield IN 46140
            Website:  www.radioad.org/whmbtv
            Contact:  Sally Frazier   Email:  seyfray@hotmail.com  
Meijer1a #RAWHMBTV.18017 Exp 08-24

  Testimonials - referral or third party endorsement #RAWHMBTV.19273 Exp 12-30
Re: Message to the board
Janie Rea
Hi Don
Seeing your picture in my email weekly makes it feel like we’ve met but I don’t think we have had the occasion.  My parents bought Eagle’s Nest back in the 70s and my family had been coming to Marco Island through their ownership. I don’t recall when we took over but we now own the condo for week 2 since, maybe, the 90s.  

I don’t know if you were looking for responses to this email but I have to say that I was quite happy when I heard about the Friendship List and have used it. I found the process of dealing with the owners directly easy and manageable. I think owners are happy to know that another owner is benefitting from their inability to use the week(s).  It also provides the owner with a monetary benefit. I have not ever tried to rent additional time from management but would imagine there is an additional cost as they need to make money to pay their staff; direct rental through the owner is like buying a house without the realtor expense.

That’s my take on this for what it’s worth.  I appreciate the amount of work it is for you to maintain the listings especially since you have had some technical issues recently. As an owner of one week I will defer to others who have several weeks of ownership at this great place.  

Maybe we will meet sometime.  If not, thank you for your efforts with the List.

Janie Rea
111 Holly Lane
Boonton, NJ 07005

I vote to keep the list because it is OUR property and not our job to
make their job easier.  Does she think she can tell us what color to
paint our front door at home?  Did we buy Eagle's Nest to make the best
rental deal for Hilton or for us, the owner?

David Anderson
What you do is a kind service to the owners.  A person could always offer their units on other web sites if desired and the effect on the staff would be the same?

Kristine Lee
Thank you for doing what must be a pretty thankless and time-consuming job. I've subscribed to your list for quite a while and used it for a rental for the first time this year, and am in the process of renting again for next year. I own week 43 (30 years now) and have never rented or traded it. I just need a little more Eagle's Nest in my life. I do think you provide a valuable service. I know this cuts EN out of making a commission, but I, for one, am grateful for what you do.
Thank you,
Kris Lee

Dear Don,

We as owners appreciate all that you have done to provide a service for us as owners. I feel your service benefits the owners first before the renter who comes in off the street wishing to spend the night at Eagle's Nest.
Last year we were able to rent two weeks from your list in units that we knew were ADA since I am a paraplegic in a power chair and can no longer use our tower unit.  The owner in turn got the full amount of the rental instead of 2/3 of it and it benefited the owner as well as the renter!  We were not able to find a renter for our week so we deposited with II for a trade which we are using this May.
This is a wonderful service you have provided for the owners and I hope you will not give it up!
Gratefully,  Donna Shiflet

Richard Tompkins
Joyce and I will be at Eagles Nest weeks 10---13. We support what you are doing as I know many other owners will too. What I can't stand is our new Director CANDY and all her Facebook CRAP I get. I have dropped my Facebook account do to all her garbage. Two years ago I had open heart surgery and put 2 of my weeks up for rent with you. Within a day I had them rented.  Your listings are greatly appreciated.
Dick Tompkins

Karen Flaig
Love the Site, the work you do, & believe is to the betterment of the owners!!! Kepp up the Good work!!! 5 Weeks in 407!!!
Laila Nelson & Karen Flaig

Suzanne Todey
For what it's worth, I would hate to lose the great service you provide at no cost to us.

John Brown
As owners  of 9 weeks @ EN I find the Friendship List extremely helpful & would not like to see it go away. It’s a real service to the owners.
Would like to know why Mona feels it makes her job harder.
John & Carol Brown.

You are providing owners a very valuable service.  Through this service owners can work directly with other owners on pricing their units for rent.   Eagles Nest does not offer this service.  If putting up our unit through Eagles Nest there  is a set price and we as owners have no say to who rents our unit.  Many times we just want to pay our annual fees through renting the unit when we are not able to use the unit.  Through Eagles Nest we may end up not getting. Rental at all because of their set pricing per day or per week.  Your service is  available to all.  Unfortunately, Eagles Nest does not allow all owners to learn about the service.
Please keep doing what you are doing in support of the owners.

Regis Brodie
Dear Don,
I find the "Friendship list" to be very helpful. It gives us an opportunity to add a week from a member or make one available. I do not understand the problem.

Will you explain the problem? I am confused.

I assume that is voluntary to be on your list. Do you get your email list directly from the staff?

I do not see what the issue as it is designed to be a friendship listing helping to get & give information. It can be valuable to all of our owners.

Thank you for your work & efforts on our behalf.
Be well, Regis Brodie (week 3 & 4)

Hanson, Gary
Don, I am very much a fan of this Friendship List and I encourage you to keep it going. I disagree that this is detrimental to eagles nest, though hearing Mona's position would be interesting.There are certainly other web sites doing the same thing, albeit for a fee. Your list brings important flexibility for owners to easily match weeks with their personal schedules and that then allows additional family members to rent the same weeks. Limiting those options, or leaving me with an unused week, does not make for happy owners. Also I think staff or sales people unnecessarily make what they have available difficult to determine as they won't post exact dates and prices, despite how convenient technology makes things. I strongly encourage you to stay the course. Competition and "free press" are good for all of us. Thanks for listening and for the service you provide.
Gary Hanson

Tony Smith
Don, please keep the Eagle's Nest distribution list up and going.  I find it very informative and helpful as a owner.  It is also helpful in helping other owners trying to get extra units for friends and family at a pretty good price.
Tony Smith

Joel Russell
Dear Don,
My name is Joel Russell and my wife and I own two weeks (3&4) at Eagles Nest. Both of us believe that the Friendship List provides very valuable information that is not available readily in any other format. We hope that you will continue to inform us with this very useful tool that provides opportunities for the Eagles Nest owners. Personally I believe that Mona has overstepped her bounds in suggesting that your efforts are not in the owners best interest, which clearly is not the case.
Thank you for all your time and effort in providing this valuable E N Friendship List.
Joel Russell   636-938-5578

Jon Udell
Dear Don:
I joined a group of 8 owners this morning to discuss your recent communication.  We vigorously and unanimously agreed that you provide Eagle's Nest owners a wonderful service that would be greatly missed if you were to terminate your site.  Please continue and we THANK YOU for the valuable service you provide.

PS  We would appreciate your posting the following:

and then this following follow up:  Wanted listings
Jon Udell
Hi Don,
Thanks for posting the notice so promptly.  Within minutes, I received a call and unit 406 in week 52 is now rented!   In the process, I'm receiving more money than I would have if we'd rented it through Hilton G. V., and another Eagle's Nest owner is renting it for substantially less than it would have cost if he'd rented it through HGV.  

Therefore, two owners have benefitted from your site.  S0--thank you again for your service; I would like to buy you a lunch or dinner the next time we are both at the Eagle's Nest.  (We're usually here in weeks 1-11.)

Have a good year.

Jon Udell

Jon Empson
Don...thanks so much. We rented week 52, #406 from Jon. Another example of the great service you are providing.

    EZ Classified Advertizing™ 317/844-8189
        160 W Carmel Dr, Carmel IN 46032
            Website:  www.radioad.org/whmbtv
            Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
Web browsers display may be different than design intention #RAWHMBTV.17889 Exp 07-30
Properly displayed as designed when screen setting is wide enough
Different browsers may introduce glitches so intended design isn't exactly correct.

Not displayed as designed when screen setting is not wide enough

Seems to be correctly displayed on iPhone

    EZ Classified Advertizing™
        Carmel IN 46032
            Contact:  Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
Whether you are selling a condo, single family residence, or special property, classified advertising works. Ask about our special programs #RAWHMBTV.18174 Exp 07-31

    EZ Classified Advertizing™ 317/844-8189
        160 W Carmel Dr, Carmel IN 46032
            Website:  www.radioad.org/whmbtv
            Contact:  Don Nixon   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
  Which marketing ploy was extremely cheap, yet wildly successful and lucrative? #RAWHMBTV.18500 Exp 07-30
Michael Speer, B.A. Communication & Public Relations, University of New Haven
Answered May 14 · Quora question

In 2006, George Wright joined Blendtec as the small company’s Marketing Director.

Now, George Wright was accustomed to a much larger marketing budget than Blendtec could offer. He would even joke all of Blendtec’s revenues were less than his marketing budget at George’s previous company.

So how did George increase Blendtec’s revenue by 700% in the next two years?

Well, Tom Dickson, Blendtech's founder, had a unique way to test his products, as George would soon learn. Tom would use wooden boards to study the durability of the blenders, to see how much strain he could put on his inventions before they broke.

This gave George an idea. He went to the store and got a few common, inexpensive items: marbles, golf balls, a rake, and a white lab coat for Tom.

The blender turned each item to dust while George captured the carnage on camera. He then uploaded the video to YouTube, and “Will it Blend?” was born.

The series was wildly successful.

That first week, his videos reached 6 million views. People were amazed by the  Blendtec blender's strength, and sales shot up.

You don’t necessarily need a huge budget to run a successful marketing campaign. You just need a great idea and the power of word-of-mouth.

    EZ Classified Advertizing™, (free or flat fee classified advertising listings) a Nixon Newspapers affiliate 317/844-8189
            Contact:  Don Nixon   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@ezclassifiedz.com