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EZ Classified Advertizing™, a Nixon Newspaper  affiliate, publishes/posts new and unexpired listings each week day, except, principal holidays. Listings are consolidated into a master list and posted at multiple url addresses including the one listed at the bottom of this page. Content is protected speech pursuant to the First (and Second) Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.
                                                                                            © 1972 - 2022 by Creative Thinking, Inc.

Our recommended model provides free private party ads and basic business listings. Our free logo is a registered trademark and can be used with permission as a decal for display on store signage or page designs. Other rates and sample ads can be found in the classified category for advertising.

Our policy, terms and conditions, which you accept and agree to by submitting/posting your information is: all information becomes our intellectual property. We can/will modify any or all of it to conform to our specifications. We will not share it with anyone else for any reason. However, accuracy of details in the listing, including prices, are the sole responsibility of the party which submits it and any investigation conducted by any authority we recognize, will have unfettered access to our records.
.                                                                                           © 1972 - 2022 by Creative Thinking, Inc.

Willard P. Rohrer*, General Manager, 317/844-8189,  willardrohrer@hotmail.com

Jontry, Jerry*    ......................  Mgr: National Advertising
Nixon II, Don M.    .................. Editor, Publisher and Proofreader  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com
Senger, Fred*    .....................  Mgr: Retail Advertising  

Contact Information

NameEasy Classified Advertizing™ -- Nixon Newspaper affiliate, © 1972 - 2022 by Creative Thinking, Inc.
Phone Number317/844-8189
Fax Number
Address160 W Carmel Dr #282
USPS: PO Box 341
Carmel, IN 46082-0341

PositionEditor & Publisher
NameDon M. Nixon II