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Follow up -- dmn
# Active player form for free registration #RAWTRI.16097 Exp 12-31


Player information required: name, e-mail, S D and/or X and birth year - we will assign your unique id number (S - singles, D - doubles, X - mixed doubles)







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Pickleball - gender and age neutral, friendly groups, quick learning/fun test to challenge find skill level

    US Open Indoor Championships ® 317/844-8189
            Website:  radioad.org/wtri
            Contact:  Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
* Engage Pickleball (Tier V sponsor) #RAWTRI.15893 Exp 05-20

    Engage Pickleball 888/615-2242
            Website:  engagepickleball.com
* Follow up:Official head gear - Headsweats also (Tier V sponsor) #RAWTRI.15880 Exp 05-20


Press & Media Info
Carly Fleming
Darby Communications

DMN: Apr 19 - send e-mail with introduction - Headsweats

I have a convoluted story about the event your client is sponsoring at Naples Florida this week and next. If there would be a convenient time to ask about how that might influence participation in a project I am doing, maybe you could steer me in the right direction.

        11711 Lebanon Rd, Cincinnati OH 45241
            Contact:  Carly Fleming   Email:  carly@darbycommunications.com  
* Gearbox (Tier IV sponsor) #RAWTRI.15891 Exp 05-20
* Geneva Advisors (Tier V sponsor) #RAWTRI.15892 Exp 05-20
* Germain Toyota of Naples (Tier V sponsor) #RAWTRI.15898 Exp 05-20
    Germain Toyota of Naples 888/722-4942
        13315 Tamiami Trail North, Naples FL 34110
* iDinkWear (Tier VI sponsor) #RAWTRI.15901 Exp 05-20
    iDinkWear 801/419-9607
            Website:  idinkwear.com
* Margariataville (Tier I sponsor) #RAWTRI.15886 Exp 05-20
Latitude Margaritaville (Tier I sponsor)

            Website:  www.margaritaville.com
* Mor-Sports Group (Tier II sponsor) #RAWTRI.15889 Exp 05-20
MOR-SPORTS GROUP is a worldwide company based in both the US and the UK. Run by family members Jonathon Morton and Matthew Morton, it is predominantly involved in the creation, maintenance and refurbishment of exterior and interior tennis court surfaces.

    Mor-Sports Group 239/560-8607
        1242 SW Pine Island Rd, Suite 42, #408 , Cape Coral FL 33991
            Website:  www.morsportsgroup.com
* Naples Botanical Garden (Tier V sponsor) #RAWTRI.15897 Exp 05-20
4820 Bayshore Drive
Naples, FL 34112

    Naples Botanical Garden
* Naples, Marco Island, Everglades (Tier I sponsor) #RAWTRI.15884 Exp 05-20
            Website:  www.paradisecoast.com
* Onix (Tier I sponsor) #RAWTRI.15887 Exp 05-20
Physical Store, Mailing and Payment Address
Fax: 623-234-2289
US Open

    Onix Sports, Inc. 866/467-8973
        9299 W Olive Ave #210, Peoria AZ 85345
            Website:  onixsports.com
* Pickle Pro LLC (Tier VI sponsor) #RAWTRI.15899 Exp 05-20
    Pickle Pro LLC 844/332-7069
        3527 Plover Ave Unit 2, Naples FL 34117
            Website:  picklepro.com
            Email:  support@picklepro.com  
* Pickleball - X (Tier I sponsor) Franklin Sports #RAWTRI.15888 Exp 05-20
    Franklin Sports 781/344.1111
            Website:  FRANKLINSPORTS.COM
* Pickleball and Jewelry (Tier VI sponsor) #RAWTRI.15903 Exp 05-20
    Pickleball and Jewelry, LLC 419 /699-0921
            Contact:  Mona Russell   Email:  mona.russell@ymail.com  
* Pickleball Crazy (Tier VI sponsor) #RAWTRI.15900 Exp 05-20
    Pickleball Crazy
            Website:  www.pickleballcrazy.com
* Preppy Player (Tier VI sponsor) #RAWTRI.15902 Exp 05-20
    Preppy Player 201/694.8582
            Website:  preppyplayer.com
            Email:  patty@preppyplayer.com  
* Pro-lite (Tier III sponsor) note #RAWTRI.15890 Exp 05-20
    Pro-Lite Sports 888/775-9615
        PO Box 204, Port Washington WI 53074
            Website:  prolitepaddles.com
            Contact:  Neil Friedenberg, Owner   Email:  sales@pro-litesports.com  
* Protek Racket Sports (Tier V sponsor) #RAWTRI.15894 Exp 05-20
Protek Racket Sports was founded with the vision to provide innovative and quality sporting goods equipment that cater to the needs and desires of our customers. With over a 3 decades of experience, Protek Racket Sports aims to become a leading marketer, manufacturer, and distributor of Pickleball, Platform Tennis,Tennis, Ping Pong, any other Racquet Sports, and a comprehensive selection of custom team apparel, bags, and footwear.
We believe that our product offerings are among the most technologically advanced in our market, and with our personalized service, custom craftsmanship, and a team of passionate and dedicated employees, Protek Racket Sports is changing the Sporting Goods industry.

    Protek Racket Sports 610/247-0724
        1 Rapps Run Dr, Malvern PA 19355
            Website:  proteksports.com
* Real Time Pain Relief (Tier VI sponsor) #RAWTRI.15904 Exp 05-20

    Real Time Pain Relief 877/787-7180
        P.O. Box 798, Cabot AR 72023
* Selkirk Sport LLC (Tier V sponsor) #RAWTRI.15895 Exp 05-20
Call us at either 1-(800) 759-4326, email us at support@selkirksport.com or write to us at:

What makes the Pickleball community outstanding is the USAPA Ambassadors who dedicate their time and energy to promote the sport in their local area so that others, young and old, can enjoy Pickleball. Selkirk Sport wants to show its support with our USAPA Ambassadors Program. Any USAPA ambassador may purchase one of each of our paddle models at 50% off MSRP plus $8.00 shipping for your entire order. This program offers ambassadors an affordable way to acquire premium Pickleball paddles that may be used by new (and experienced) players in their area to see what it's like to play with a paddle that is not wood.
To participate in our USAPA Ambassadors program, call us at 1-(800) 759-4326.

    Selkirk Sport LLC 800/759-4326
        11862 Reed Rd, Hayden ID 83835
            Website:  www.selkirk.com
* Shade Structures, Inc (Tier V sponsor) aka USA Shade & Fabric Structures, Inc #RAWTRI.15896 Exp 05-20
USA Headquarters
TF: 800-966-5005
PH: 214.905.9500

    Shade Structures, Inc
        8505 Chancellor Row, Dallas TX 75247
            Website:  www.usa-shade.com
* Shop (Honorable partners) - Kitch #RAWTRI.15882 Exp 05-20
            Website:  kitchpickleball.com/contact/
* Title #RAWTRI.15883 Exp 05-20
no web site link?

    Minto Communities, LLC 954/973.4490
        4400 West Sample Rd, #200, Coconut Creek FL 33073
            Website:  www.minto.com/florida/new-homes/projects.html
* ZingZang (Tier I sponsor) #RAWTRI.15885 Exp 05-20
    ZingZang 888/891-7489
        410 N. Michigan Ave, #670, Chicago IL 60611
            Website:  zingzang.com
Creative Thinking, Inc. #RAWTRI.16055 Exp 12-31
I began working for the family newspaper business at the Peru (IN) Daily Tribune in 1952 answering telephones providing basketball scores for the Indiana High School State Basketball Tournament.* I graduated to a home delivery carrier at the Wabash (IN) Plain Dealer from 1954-1956.

Throughout high school and college, I worked in various Plain Dealer departments as printer's devil, photographer, advertising inside classified sales, circulation and distribution delivery. After I graduated from Indiana University with a major in Economics and Mathematics in 1964, I began working full time as corporate secretary and treasurer and director for all the companies including Nixon Newspapers Benevolent Association, Inc.

In 1969, my US Army unit was ordered to Viet Nam. The order was canceled shortly after I had already hired and trained my replacement. At that time, three Indiana daily newspapers (Wabash, Peru and Michigan City) and one in Hammond, Louisiana, which was purchased in 1962, and the management partnership completed the organization.

At that time, the newspaper production process was changing from hot type metal to cold type and offset printing. The family decided to pursue growth by purchasing additional properties. In 1970, I helped negotiate purchase of the Frankfort Morning Times and Auburn Printing Company, which also published the Evening Star. I was publisher in Auburn. It was sold in 1972. I returned to the Wabash Plain Dealer as publisher. I also established Creative Thinking, Inc. for special projects.

To expand our Wabash and Peru printing capabilities, these weeklies were purchased or established:
The Swayzee Press,
Culver Citizen,
Pulaski County Journal,
North Judson News,
TV Plus, a television channel guide for Indiana newspapers and several local high school and college publications.**
Indiana Racquet Sports (monthly)
Portrait ***
Nixon Hoosier Feature Service****

To expand our content penetration, we built the Frankfort CATV franchise, which was later sold. Eventually we added these Indiana newspapers: New Castle, Brazil, Connersville, and in Illinois, Hoopston and Watseka

I was also a minor Kokomo Tribune partner and helped negotiate its sale to Thompson Newspapers in 1981. My mother’s grandfather was an original founder.

After Nixon Newspapers was sold in 1998 to Paxton Media and I created an Internet business model for schools, radio and television stations.

The backbone of newspaper revenue was display advertising from grocery, drug and local department stores like Sears and Penney’s. It also changed from rop (run of paper) advertising to free standing inserts, which we printed commercially. During my early career, I considered working for the New York Times as pinnacle of success, but later concluded it was better to provide a reliable local product to friends and neighbors.

And I measured success by subscription renewals. Every month to month comparison from year to year I was publisher, audited paid circulation increased.

An avid sports participant, I coached Tri State College’s soccer team in Angola when I was at Auburn and initiated girls high school teams in Indianapolis at Broad Ripple, Lawrence North, Hamilton Heights and Arlington, which had no team and was virtually all boys. *****

*  (remember the movie Hoosiers)

** TV Plus provided listings which were accurate when Indiana had several counties with different broadcast times unique to that city

*** Portrait was feature length biography in tabloid format which was distributed and sold through the Kroger stores in Ohio and Indiana: subjects included: Jane Pauley, Merv Griffin, Ray Kroc

****Special news features were sold to other newspapers including Wabash Plain Dealer Reporter Earleen Early participating for Nixon’s Ping-pong diplomacy trip to China

*****When at Auburn the annual classic car reunion and swap meet plan to relocate was abandoned after the Evening Star encouraged and coordinated the Labor Day auction, which funded preservation of the old factory now a museum and still going strong after 50 years. (The plan was later used to create the Peru Circus City Festival, which is almost the same age and ongoing)

Here’s what people say:
From: Merv Hendricks (mhendricks2@isugw.indstate.edux)
Sent: Tue 11/11/08 12:13 PM
To: Don Nixon II (dmnixonii@hotmail.com)
Hi, dmn (been a while since I typed that),

Heard your message from earlier this morning.

It will be next week or the week after, though. I am tied up in editing and designing an 80th anniversary publication for the Hoosier State Press Association — you remember it — and I have until the weekend to finish a 64-page tab. I have 20 pages finished right now, so that tells you what I will be doing with my hours away from my day job this week and weekend. I have been so busy with stuff that I must admit that I have not even looked at the links you sent. I will, however, before we meet by phone and will share them with the group.

And while I have your eyes, Don, let me say that I never appreciated how good Nixon Newspapers was and how good you were as a publisher until some years after I was gone. My days in Wabash, as I look back with white hair, were the best of my career. Yes, I was in some ways a bigger dog in Terre Haute at the papers here, but it never was as much fun, it was never as good of a culture, it was never as positive a place as was Wabash. When I think about a paper being connected with its community, I think of Wabash in those days when NNI was in charge. I really felt that we in the PD newsroom — and the PD in every department -- got to know the community and appreciate it, even though we had a changing cast of characters.

I also know now, which I didn’t know then, how much you let us, encouraged us to effectively experiment. Take the Saturday tab for instance. You gave us a toy and let us play with it. That was gutsy, given that we were all pretty much 20-something snots.

I also recall what I call big ideas that you and Ray foisted upon us — the Sunday paper covering the ceremony of the Wabash light, Ray and Harold’s trip to the Jimmy Carter White House, the Jane Pauley tab, the Bicentennial edition, the 1979 anniversary edition, the Ray Kroc tab. That proved to me that it did not take a major metro to do major metro kinds of projects. Hard work — damn straight! — but rewarding, educational and, after the pain ceased, points of pride.

For all of that and more memories whose brain cells have died, I thank you, first. I thank your late, great dad. And as I often have, I thank Ray, who I generally call or e-mail on Sept. 15, the day I started at the PD (1976).

I regret I was not more appreciative at the time and that I was often a problem in my behavior. If I could take back anything in my professional life, it would not be mistakes or bad news judgments, it would be bad behavior. It’s a wonder I wasn’t fired over and over and over. I deserved it too many times. Thank you for your support.

I still have, BTW, notes you sent me, usually written in blue grease pencil if I recall correctly, complimenting the newsroom on one thing or another. Those are still meaningful and will stay in my files as long as I live.

More than you wanted to know, dmn, but I never could write short!

Peace, love and rock-and-roll,

~ Merv

and at the website link: (It’s what the folks on the time share listings category think of it.)

The time share link is:

    Nixon Newspapers 317/844-8189
        160 W Carmel Dr, Carmel IN 46032
            Website:  www.radioad.org/whmbtv/classifieds/listings.php?catcode=Ideas%2C+thinking
            Contact:  Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@ezclassifiedz.com  
Idea: Chatlosh and Moscowitz Kroger book #RAWTRI.15963 Exp 12-31

            Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
Nici Law Firm, P.L. (Tier VI sponsor) #RAWTRI.15905 Exp 05-20
Phone: 239.
Toll-Free Fax: 877.646.0560

JAMES R. NICI, Manager of Nici Law Firm, specializes in the areas of estate planning, administration and taxation. Mr. Nici has more than 20  years of experience, specializing in designing sophisticated estate plans for high net worth families and individuals, capitalizing on the tax advantages of declaring domicile in the state of Florida.

    Nici Law Firm, P.L. 239/449.6150
        1185 Immokalee Rd., Suite 110, Naples FL 34110
            Website:  nicilawfirm.com
            Contact:  James Nici  
Official ball - Dura? and (also Tier I) - Pickleball Central #RAWTRI.15876 Exp 05-20
David or Anna Johnson, owners
Eliza answers, screens, called back to advise David would return the call - done Apr 21, meet at booth in Naples

    Pickle-Ball, Inc. 800/377-9915
        22330 68th Ave. S, Kent WA 98032
            Website:  pickleball.com
            Contact:  David or Anna Johnson, owners   Email:  @pickleball.com  
Official court surface - Deco Turf and (Tier II sponsor) #RAWTRI.15879 Exp 05-20
Paul Harris forwarded to Randy:
Who is ICP Construction? Learn more.
Randy Futty, VP Business Development
o. 978-623-9980 x217
c. 434-249-0124

Phone: 1-800-DECO-1st
Email: orders@cssurfaces.com
Managing Director
John Graham
Phone: 1-978-623-9980 Ext 3
Mobile: 1-978-239-1356
Email: j.graham@cssurfaces.com

Paul Harris, York, PA
Phone: 1-717-542-2668
Email: p.harris@calprocorp.com

DMN: Apr 19 - send e-mail to Paul Harris and ask about visit to Naples?

I wondered if you would be visiting Naples FL soon for the US Open Pickleball Championship. I have an interest to do something similar in Indiana and will be there. Maybe there is a mutual interest.

Randy says pass now - keep in touch - dmn Apr 20
also Mor-Sports Group (Tier II sponsor)???

    DecoTurf - A Division of California Products Corporation
        150 Dascomb Rd, Andover MA 01810
            Website:  cssurfaces.com
            Contact:  Randy Futty, VP Business Development   Email:  rfutty@icp-construction.com  
Official footwear - Head and (Tier VI sponsor) #RAWTRI.15881 Exp 05-20
Contact us button doesn’t work (by design?)

DMN: Apr 1
Sales: Indiana -  Steve Rothstein
765/778-1757  cell: 623-5887

    HEAD PENN RACQUET SPORTS 800/289-7366 option 3 or direct: 765/778-1757 cell: 623-5887
        306 S. 45th Ave, Phoenix AZ 85043
            Website:  us.head.com
            Contact:  Steve Rothstein  
Official grip - Gamma and (Tier I sponsor) #RAWTRI.15878 Exp 05-20
DMN: Apr 19
Jeff French - Ind rep
Molly Burris or Josh - visit the booth

    GAMMA Sports 412/323-0335
        200 Waterfront Dr, Pittsburgh PA 15222
            Website:  gammasports.com
            Email:  @gammasports.com  
Official paddle (also Tier I) - Paddletek #RAWTRI.15877 Exp 05-30
padde.com dir marketing and sales
Curtis Smith - owner

Appreciate your interest. Look forward to seeing you in Naples. Will provide details when convenient.


    Paddletek 866/972-3353
        1990 S. 11th St., #3, Niles MI 49120
            Website:  www.paddletek.com
            Contact:  Doug Clark, Mkt Mgr   Email:  Doug@paddletek.com  
Smith, Cameron #RAWTRI.16119 Exp 12-30
        Bloomington IN
            Website:  thecybersmith.com
            Contact:  Cameron Smith   Email:  cameron@thecybersmith.com  
  Who owns the first dated... #RAWTRI.16033 Exp 12-31

    US Open Pickleball Championships ® 317/844-8189
        Carmel IN
            Website:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=suIe0exlOTU#action=share
            Contact:  Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@ezclassifiedz.com  
z - follow up #RAWTRI.15910 Exp 05-23

    Paddletek 866/972-3353
        1990 S. 11th St., #3, Niles MI 49120
            Website:  www.paddletek.com
            Contact:  Doug Clark   Email:  Doug@paddletek.com