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EZ Filing™
A tale #EZ.53070 Exp 05-30
History written and lived as and by for almost 80 years:

    Creative Thinking, Inc
            Contact:  Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
Auburn Evening Star - Auburn Cord Duesenberg Labor Day weekend #EZ.53002 Exp 05-30
There is a story about this Labor Day weekend event and how it did not move to Connersville in 1970, courtesy of:
John Martin Smith
Jack Randinelli
Don Nixon
Tom Nixon
and a few other Jaycees

Labor Day weekend attracts 100,000 for the previous 50 years. The highlight is the auto auction, which funded the museum restoration.

        1600 S Wayne St, Auburn IN 46706
            Website:  www.automobilemuseum.org
Circus #EZ.53004 Exp 05-30
    Circus City Festival, Inc. 765/472-3918
        154 N Broadway, Peru IN 46970
            Website:  www.perucircus.com
Culver Class of 1960 birthday greeting #EZ.53064 Exp 05-30

Click the website link below for message if the graphic is not displayed at this site.

The class roster provides updated information for each member and also provides a quick method to provide sensitive news virtually immediately.

Fencing - epee, foil
Table tennis
Water skiing

    Creative Thinking, Inc
        Culver IN 46511
            Website:  www.ezclassifiedadz.com/classifieds/listings.php?catcode=Files
            Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
  Custom classified advertising system - a sample - WKLU 6 The posted result of input above #RAWKLU.20232 Exp 05-30
this is a sample listing Price:  $4.99 / per week

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    EZ Classified Advertizing™, (free or flat fee classified advertising listings, monitored results) a Nixon Newspapers affiliate 317/844-8189
        160 W Carmel Dr, Carmel IN 46032
            Website:  www.radioad.org/wklu/classifieds/listings.php?catcode=Files
            Contact:  Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
Eagles Nest Friendship List #EZ.53063 Exp 05-30
Click the website link to see testimonials

Note: current listings are at this link:

    Creative Thinking, Inc
            Website:  ezclassifiedadz.com/classifieds/listings.php?catcode=Ideas
High School and College soccer - coach #EZ.53006 Exp 05-30

High School: Culver Military Academy
College: Indiana University

(*) High School:
Girls: Carmel, Broad Ripple, Lawrence North, Hamilton Heights
Boys: Arlington

Tri-State University

(*) Success determined by number of players, each of these teams were start ups, volunteer coach

    Creative Thinking, Inc 317/844-8189
            Contact:  Don Nixon   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
  IHSAA Indiana High School Athletic Association one class basketball #EZ.53003 Exp 05-30
Click the Video button to see the movie trailer for "Hoosiers"

add dial phone graphic
Answering phones at the Peru Daily Tribune during 4 weeks of high school basketball tournament, sectionals with all schools, regionals, semi-state and finals.

Passion comes from virtually every high school student attended basketball (boys) Friday nights in small towns and big cities. It was a big deal when small schools advanced, even if it was for only one game and one year. Local newspapers and radio stations covered all those games and the finals at Hinkle Field house had full crowds and radio and television had significant audiences.

    Peru Daily Tribune
        Peru IN 46970
            Contact:  Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
Indiana University Little 500 bicycle race #EZ.53007 Exp 05-30
Request: Nixon Newspapers ­­ The Saturday Spectator™ article: Keeping in contact #47.pdf
and I will e-mail you a copy.

One and done annual event, high drama, top10 finish was highly competitive, only 33 teams, early years at 10th Street Stadium capacity crowds 45,000.

1963 - 3rd
1964 - 4th

    Creative Thinking, Inc 317/844-8189
        160 W Carmel Dr, Carmel IN 46032
            Contact:  Don Nixon   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
Indiana University Singing Hoosiers #EZ.53008 Exp 05-30
Different kind of team work, need conductor/leader on the scene.

Note: website following doesn't seem to work

            Website:  https://singinghoosiers.indiana.edu/
            Contact:  Don Nixon   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
Indiana University Soccer #EZ.53005 Exp 05-30
When did the Indiana Hoosiers soccer team start?
Since the program began in 1973, Indiana has more national championships, wins, College Cup appearances, and a higher winning percentage in both regular season and post-season play than any other school in Division I soccer. The Hoosiers have also dominated conference play.
Indiana Hoosiers men's soccer - Wikipedia


Actually it had a club team in the 50's and until it became a varsity sport in 1973 it and other big ten schools which had club teams were eligible to participate in the NCAA tournaments at the end of the season. Elon Rothmuller who played in the late 50's was selected as an All American player.

I played four years in the early 60s and 2 0r 3 times went to the NCAA tournament, although memory is not reliable and I couldn't find any details in the Daily Student or Arbutus for those years.

Coach Jerry Yeagley's first year in 1964 was my senior year and it took 10 years to advance to a varsity status. The program is now highly regarded as one of the best in the nation.

    Indiana University Men's Soccer
        Bloomington IN
            Website:  www.iuhoosiers.com/sports/mens-soccer
Kentucky Derby: Best, wackiest hats at the Run for the Roses #EZ.53010 Exp 05-30
First Saturday in May more than 147 years, we may not catchup, but maybe build something as good

What does it do for Louisville, or Wabash with glads?

    Creative Thinking, Inc
Project: Testimonial: Merv Hendricks #EZ.41825 Exp 07-02
From:       Merv Hendricks (mhendricks2@isugw.indstate.edu)
Sent:        Tue 11/11/08 12:13 PM
To:         Don Nixon II (dmnixonii@hotmail.com)

Hi, dmn (been a while since I typed that),

It will be next week or the week after, though. I am tied up in editing and designing an 80th anniversary publication for the Hoosier State Press Association — you remember it — and I have until the weekend to finish a 64-page tab. I have 20 pages finished right now, so that tells you what I will be doing with my hours away from my day job this week and weekend. I have been so busy with stuff that I must admit that I have not even looked at the links you sent. I will, however, before we meet by phone and will share them with the group.

And while I have your eyes, Don, let me say that I never appreciated how good Nixon Newspapers was and how good you were as a publisher until some years after I was gone. My days in Wabash, as I look back with white hair, were the best of my career. Yes, I was in some ways a bigger dog in Terre Haute at the papers here, but it never was as much fun, it was never as good of a culture, it was never as positive a place as was Wabash. When I think about a paper being connected with its community, I think of Wabash in those days when NNI was in charge. I really felt that we in the PD newsroom — and the PD in every department -- got to know the community and appreciate it, even though we had a changing cast of characters.

I also know now, which I didn’t know then, how much you let us, encouraged us to effectively experiment. Take the Saturday tab for instance. You gave us a toy and let us play with it. That was gutsy, given that we were all pretty much 20-something snots.

I also recall what I call big ideas that you and Ray foisted upon us — the Sunday paper covering the ceremony of the Wabash light, Ray and Harold’s trip to the Jimmy Carter White House, the Jane Pauley tab, the Bicentennial edition, the 1979 anniversary edition, the Ray Kroc tab. That proved to me that it did not take a major metro to do major metro kinds of projects. Hard work — damn straight! — but rewarding, educational and, after the pain ceased, points of pride.

For all of that and more memories whose brain cells have died, I thank you, first. I thank your late, great dad. And as I often have, I thank Ray, who I generally call or e-mail on Sept. 15, the day I started at the PD (1976).

I regret I was not more appreciative at the time and that I was often a problem in my behavior. If I could take back anything in my professional life, it would not be mistakes or bad news judgments, it would be bad behavior. It’s a wonder I wasn’t fired over and over and over. I deserved it too many times. Thank you for your support.

I still have, BTW, notes you sent me, usually written in blue grease pencil if I recall correctly, complimenting the newsroom on one thing or another. Those are still meaningful and will stay in my files as long as I live.

More than you wanted to know, dmn, but I never could write short!

Peace, love and rock-and-roll,


    Wabash Plain Dealer
        Wabash IN 46992
Trophy, theme - I want to play, I can do that #EZ.53065 Exp 05-30
Drama - one and done, annual, multiple game season, play off, tournament
Recognition - shirts, jackets, uniform
*Trophy, Borg Warner, Stanley Cup

    Creative Thinking, Inc 317/844-8189
        160 W Carmel Dr, Carmel IN 46032
            Contact:  Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
US Open Challenge™ player ranking #EZ.53067 Exp 05-30
Under construction, hope it rivals the following, but better...dmn

New Ratings Announced for Pickleball

PickleballTournaments.com is proud to announce the creation of new ratings system called the World Pickleball Ratings. This new system will provide the most accurate pickleball rating by using tournament match results (sanctioned and non-sanctioned) as well as recreation match results from leagues, team pickleball, and pick-up matches.

The World Pickleball Rating has been designed from the ground up to accurately place new players into the ratings system and to adjust existing rated players based on their match results. An important component of the new system will address “sandbagging” by players new to the ratings system.

The World Pickleball Ratings will include the following capabilities:
Use of the Glicko 2 rating system
Several controls will be implemented to control sandbagging
4-digit ratings will be calculated for singles, doubles and mixed doubles across men and women.
2-digit ratings will be calculated at the end of each calendar quarter based on the level of a player’s 4-digit ratings. These ratings will be used for tournament entry into non-sanctioned tournaments. T

The World Pickleball Ratings will:

Automatically include match results from sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments run on pickleballtournaments.com. Tournament directors will have the option to exclude match results from their tournament in WPR calculations. No need to upload results through an app after each match.
Generate graphs of each player’s ratings changes on a match-by-match basis.
Incorporate league and team pickleball matches

Ratings based on historical matches will be calculated and posted to player's pickleballtournaments.com profiles within 60 days with integration into tournament registration and play to follow shortly thereafter.

World Pickleball Rankings
World Pickleball Rankings Update

Six tournaments are now complete, including the major Delray Beach Open and the just completed US OPEN Pickleball Championships.

The World Pickleball Rankings encompasses 30 tournaments over the course of the year. Open and Senior Open players earn points based on tournament placement and number of wins. Major tournaments provide bonus points. The top 10 tournament results will be factored for each player. Watch the excitement build in 2021!

Next tournament up is the Cincinnati Open.
e-mail from: PickleballTournaments.com
Player Email - New Ratings coming soon!  Apr 30, 2021

    Creative Thinking, Inc
            Website:  radioad.org/wtri
            Contact:  Don Nixon   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
US Open Pickleball Championships™ #EZ.53103 Exp 05-20
History lesson:
Helped establish the Indiana State Racquetball Association and Wilson Sporting Goods was principal sponsor to the "Tour of Indiana" series of tournaments.

After playing racquetball with Mrarco Island friends in 2010 a few (Howard Reed and Bruce Hayne) introduced pickleball as an upcoming activity with tournaments in LaBelle FL, I made contact with Wilson to consider working with me to establish pickleball in Naples FL for outdoor and planned a separate event for indoor at French Lick IN. (See: https://www.usopenpickleballchampionship.com) - notice the missing "s"?

    Creative Thinking, Inc
            Website:  www.ezclassifiedz.com/classifieds/classified.php?pid=0&cid=147
            Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
US Open umbrella - venue - target host Escalade #EZ.53100 Exp 05-30
Remembering NSGA Super Show in Atlanta GA

Provide media event
New products introduced

    French Lick Resort 812/936-9300
        8670 West State Road 56, French Lick IN 47432
            Website:  www.frenchlick.com
Wabash Racquetball Court #EZ.53009 Exp 05-30
Price:  $50.00 / Annual dues

After the Auburn Evening Star and Printing Company was sold I moved back to Wabash. Several store fronts on Wabash Street between the Plain Dealer building on Canal Street and Hill Street at the top of the hill, were not popular for walk in traffic. Turns out the one empty at the alley was at one time Mark Honeywell's Plumbing and Heating Office.

Although only 20 by 60, I was enough interested in racquetball, it was sufficient to put in a court and an office in front with a small locker and a small apartment upstairs.

I charged an annual $50 fee, guaranteed an hour each week to play and open play for times not reserved for number of members limited to 50. Honor system and if there was something wrong when a member arrived, the previous member who signed in was responsible for damages. Never had a problem.

    Creative Thinking, Inc
        144 S Wabash St, Wabash IN 46992
            Contact:  Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader