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Heard around town
Brightened my day each morning. Yours? #RABHRN.14950 Exp 10-21
For many years as publisher of a small daily newspaper, I would look at comic pages from other newspapers we traded subscriptions with. Looking in the rear view mirror, it was a better outlook boost than any morning coffee.

Don't kids have good logic or curiousity for questions?
The web site below will allow you to select many of those strips and to receive each morning on your computer or phone.

And notice: there is no subscription fee...dmn

    Creative Thinking, Inc. 317/844-8189
        160 W Carmel Dr, Carmel IN 46032
            Website:  www.arcamax.com/comics
            Contact:  Don Nixon: Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
Don't be told something is impossible #EZ.54758 Exp 10-23
Don't be told something is impossible. There's always a way.

    ~ Robert Rodriguez,filmmaker
When there's an uncharted course... #EZ.54740 Exp 10-16
When there's an uncharted course, you have to figure out how to get through it.

    ~ Harry Connick Jr.,singer, pianist, composer, actor, TV personality
You can't erase what you know. You can't forget who you are. #EZ.54741 Exp 10-19
    ~ Sandra Cisneros, poet, writer, artist