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Family, children & grandchildren, friends, mentors (1 Records)
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Family, children & grandchildren, friends, mentors
Grandparent - Keeping in contact #47 - 20160407 - Risk and reward #NNI.6350 Exp 05-15
common sense, risk taking

Mischievous - something special, flirt with danger, test your will -- insecurity or love?

So many tempting kinds of lunacy or thrills but only one of common sense. Seek the latter.

No matter what you choose to do, there’s a risk and reward.

Too often, we don’t weigh hazards before we decide. Suspect most often rewards with bragging rights have such strong appeal we are simply fortunate to avoid risk penalties.

Fifty three years have passed since I first participated in Indiana University’s Little 500 bicycle race. A year earlier, I spectated. Acacia’s team, a favorite, wrecked near the finish so placed a disappointing fifth. After winning the prior year, expectations intensified.

That event provided a moment to think, “I can do that,” then pursue that notion. To validate bicycle racing, I tested Wabash County back roads and riding to Culver and back the 1962 summer convinced me I could make the team.

In recent years, I timed and scored the men’s race. An entirely different perspective, it confirmed good luck often determines the outcome, regardless of each rider’s preparation and confidence.
Peloton 2015 picture shows probably 21 of 33 teams in position to win, often a sprint finish. The winning team covers 50 miles 10 minutes quicker than 50 years ago but requires either strength and skill to ride alone, (break away and virtually impossible) or patiently risk 32 other riders impeding your destiny, or a team mate’s mistake.

2015 - qualification times compared to 1963 are one second faster for the pole position, with 3 and 4 seconds separating teams between 1 and 5, suggesting a sprint finish for those teams or more

2016 - qualification times are much faster than previous races

I didn’t record how many miles I covered, remember only two mishaps:
when I raced a Pepsi truck to a tie, which he won
failing to mount the bike on lap 182 (of 200) when the pedal on the exchange was vertical instead of horizontal and we were the leading team.

We used a rear dismount instead of off the side which was supposed to position the left side pedal and crank parallel to the track. I tumbled over the handle bars.

I haven’t seen that dismount procedure done any time by any team for many years and am still convinced it’s safer, smoother and faster.

The spring break St. Augustine incident could have been much worse, and luckily didn’t escalate, simply a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and had nothing to do with bicycle racing.

Looking back, helmets consisted of leather strips, or “cushions,” which conceivably might prevent scratches under the padding but little if any protection against concussions. The Tenth Street stadium also featured a concrete curb barrier between grass and cinders, which easily remained permanently stationary, particularly around each corner, so when confronted by a pedal a subsequent jolt to rider often moved both a foot from the intended path. At Armstrong a rider simply veers into the grass. (see arrow on peloton photo)

So other than a few cinders imbedded in my right knee, rewards included prizes awarded to high finishers, fraternity brothers praise and support, competing with fellow soccer team mate who road for the Phi Kappa Psi team and later wrote the screenplay for a movie, “Breaking Away.”

So I consider myself extraordinarily lucky.

Not so sure I would want to test that same risk/reward theory with this reunion:

Roy Horn 10 Years After Tiger Incident Is a 'Little Bit Handicapped:'

Daredevil Erik Roner dead at 39 after skydiving accident - The Washington Post
In a statement released late Monday, Roner's wife, Annika Roner, remembered her husband as a loving father to their children Oskar, 5, and Kasper, 17 months.

"Erik was a beautiful man, great father, wonderful friend and the love of my life," she said.

Extreme Sports Star Erik Roner Dies in California Skydiving Accident
Posted: 9/28/2015
Erik Roner, a well-known action sports athlete who starred in MTV's Nitro Circus, died Monday in a skydiving accident at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe, CA, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s Department.

The 39-year-old was performing with a group during a golf tournament at Olympic Valley when he hit the tree and became stuck high above the ground, Placer County Sheriff Edward Bonner said in a statement.

Roner, who lived in Tahoe City, CA, was pronounced dead at the scene. He leaves behind two daughters.

"We at MTV and MTV2 are saddened to hear about Erik's passing, and will miss the boundless energy, fearlessness and good vibes he brought to our audience. Our hearts go out to his friends and family," the MTV network said in a statement.

Roner also appeared in several films and television programs produced by Teton Gravity Network (TGR), including as a host for a program aired by Outside TV, according to a report on TGR's website. 

Choose wisely.

            Website:  iusf.indiana.edu/little500/fans/results.aspx