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What are the signs of a failing/bad high school? #EZ.37708 Exp 09-19
By: Matthew Bates, M.A. Teaching & English

There’s an easy way to figure out the worst schools around here, even if you couldn’t tell from the neighborhoods they’re in: see when they start hiring new teachers. The worst schools will try to get new teachers early, and get them to sign a binding contract before the other schools even start looking.

I was once contacted in early February about a teaching position for the next school year… a full six months away. I thought it was odd that they were contacting me already, but I responded anyway. Within 30 seconds of talking to them on the phone, they mentioned the salary (which was good), and that I’d be penalized if I broke my contract before the year started.

They were trying to get teachers to commit to work the whole year as early as possible, before the teachers could research the school.

I turned them down. That was a wise move on my part.

Usually, the Catholic schools start their hiring process in May, and the good public schools hire over the summer.