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Stories, favorites and great
What is the classiest way to respond when meeting a celebrity? #EZ.37732 Exp 05-11
By: Will Taylor, Trashcan Rummager and Car Door Attendant at Eurodisney (2015-present)

A few years ago, I worked as a security guard for a five star time sharing resort.

I worked the 11pm-7am shift, which was abnormally boring, so they provided us with a TV set.

I was watching, “Monk,” when the lights of a vehicle turned the corner, and started towards me down the long drive.

I grabbed my clipboard to check in the arrivals, and headed outside to await the vehicle. It was a shiny black Cadillac Escalade.

As it pulled up in front of me, the driver rolled down his window. There, before me, was none other than Monk himself, Tony Shalhoub, his wife, and their kids.

I turned to glance back at the TV, turned to look at the driver, turned back to the TV, and again turned my attention to the driver.

I could read his face…”Oh, no. Another gushing fan.”

They looked like they had been travelling all day, and the LAST thing they needed was a security guard fawning all over them.

“Congratulations on your Emmy, Mr Shalhoub. I have you staying in room (whatever). Here are your keys, they also activate the gate arm in the event this gate is unmanned. Please check in at the front office tomorrow morning. Should you need anything before then, just dial zero on your house phone. Enjoy your stay.”

The look of relief on his face was incredible!

He mouthed, “Thank you,” and smiled tiredly as they drove on.

I related the story to my boss, and the next night when I went to work, there was a fruit basket with a thank you note, along with an official attaboy memo from the management staff.